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Bridals on location or GreenScreen in our studio. Click Here.


2 Pro-Photography coverage on your special day. 34 years of experience.



Multi-camera coverage on your special day. Final DVDs are edited, with music and titles.



Mini_Studio set up at your reception venue. More space for expression and guests having fun!


Our System

Buy what you need based on a menu system. Add albums and other products as time and budgets permit.


The Elite Bride

Total discretion with non-disclosure contracts. Four Pro-Photographer Coverage.


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Who Are We?


Exclusive service for exclusive clients.

We are a husband and wife team that have had quite a bit of fun working with nervous brides and grooms. Off and on, we have been photographing weddings for the last 34 years, mostly by recommendation only, and because of the way we work, we always end up participating in another. And then another, and another, and one more...and so on.

We have also photographed many weddings where the families have us sign a non-disclosure agreement, even before our first meeting with the lucky couple. We respect their privacy and are not allowed to discuss the wedding outside of the immediate families...discretion is a given since they are in the public eye.

So if you fall within what we call, "The Elite Bride", have your representative give us a call.

In building out this new facility in Castle Hills, San Antonio, we bring to you this same level of professionalism at a more affordable price. We look forward to working with you and no worries...when you call us, we will never give you the "Hard Sell".


We have plenty of testimonials from happy couples. When you contact us, we will provide you with contact information so that you may talk or email them personally.   - Cyndi and Richard Why do we do this? So that you may get a true review. Anyone can make up a positive review or a negative one for that matter.   - Cyndi and Richard For example...a new photographer to the wedding business can make up a bunch of positive quotes with a couple of fake names. Would you know the difference?   - Cyndi and Richard You wouldn't know the difference since their is really no way to confirm the positive testimonial on anyone's website.   - Cyndi and Richard So if you are truly interested in our services, after meeting with us, we will give you names of brides and grooms of whom we have photographed their weddings.   - Cyndi and Richard




Our price structure is based on a menu system. Click on Weddings



Family portraits are another core element of our business. Click on Families.



Special events such as family gatherings, school reunions, etc. Click on Events.


School Pics

We bring to the school portrait business a higher level of quality and posing. Click on School Pics.



We have been photographing sports for 18 years in schools across South Texas. Click on Sports.


Video Wed

Full coverage of your wedding day with multiple cameras. Click on Video Wed.


Video Event

We cover special events with multiple cameras with specialized editing. Click on Video Event


Elite Bride

For the bride and groom that need complete discretion, give us a call. Click on Elite Bride.


Image Prep

We provide post-production work for pros... known as Image Prep. Click on Image Prep.



"Better than a Photo-Booth". We set up a mini-studio at your reception. Click on Mini-Studio.


Email Ads

If you need an emailing service to contact your clients, let us know. Click on Email Ads.



We offer commercial photographic work on any project you are working on. Click on Commercial.

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Custom Grade Albums from Renaissance Albums

< >Click Here for Album Website
Style 24 Page 30 Page 40 Page 50 Page
12x12 Milano $ 685 $ 895 $ 1005 $ 1305
12x12 Library Bound $ 735 $ 945 $ 1065 $ 1175
12x12 Flush Mount $ 945 $ 1105 $ 1300 $ 1475
Prints Included Included Included Included

Album Types

This is by far the most popular. Each photo or photos that go on each page are printed in the standard sizes. They are then encased in a mat which slides into the page holder. The biggest print size is an 8x10 and only one fits on a page. Sizes such as 5x7, 4x6, 4x5, wallets can be mixed and matched to provide a good flowing design. Our normal process is to have you select your favorite images and size them by importance. We then use your selections to design your special book based upon your choices. The inserts (they hold 2 pages, front and back) can be added or subtracted with time. The prices include all prints that go in the book.

This is better know as a library bound book. There is a set number of pages depending upon your print choices...the inserts which hold the pages are then bound in a spine similar to a professionally printed book. The prints that go on each page are encased in mats, similar to the Milano book that is listed above. When ordering one of these books, the price includes all the prints that go in the book.

Flush mount albums have become more popular in the last couple of years. Each page is designed based upon your choices with a mixture of images, patterns, colors, and symbols. Many of the details photographed at your wedding may be used as backgrounds to enhance the images where these items appear in the pictures with people. For example, a close up of the toss bouquet can be used to enhance the images of you tossing your bouquet to brides to be. Our albums come in a protective box, made of the same material as your album cover. Personally, it is quite impressive, hence the higher price. Our Elite Brides almost always choose this style because of its impressive design.

Good To Know

BackUp Photographer

Not only do we have backup equipment, we have a backup photographer! Vehicle breakdowns do happen and God forbid, so do accidents. To protect the proper follow through on your special day, we have a photographer on-call who maintains in contact with us to make sure we have arrived on time.It is always best to be prepared ! It is just one the many details that sets our service apart from most. Think about it...do you want your ceremony to be on hold because you are waiting for your photographer to show up? You decide.

Some ideas on posed shots:

  • Bride Alone
  • Bride with each bridesmaid
  • Bride with Mom
  • Bride with Dad
  • Bride with Family
  • Groom Alone
  • Groom with each groomsman
  • Groom with Mom
  • Groom with Dad
  • Groom with Family
  • Couple with Parents
  • Couple with Officiator
  • Couple with both Families
  • Couple with Children
  • Couple with Grandparents
  • Bridal Party
  • Bride with Groomsmen
  • Groom with Bridesmaids
  • Bride & Groom alone
  • Multiple poses together
  • Toasting together
  • Cake Cutting
  • Bridal Party Piramid
  • Bouquet and Garter
  • Parting Shot

Important Business Questions We Are Asked - Click on Question

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    Do you have a business service rating?

    We are registered with the BBB in San Antonio and maintain an A+ rating.

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    How many hours do we get from you on our wedding day?

    You get two professional photographers for your whole wedding. This is where a lot of photo companies make their extra profit...they have time limits on how long photographers stay at your wedding. We both stay till you leave your wedding reception.

  • +

    Are your images worked on or delivered as is?

    After culling out the duplicates and bad shots, your images are individually cropped, color balanced, corrected for consistency, and defects such as blemishes are removed. Specialty work is available for an additional charge.

PDF Files to Help Plan Your Wedding

You can click on the links below to download pdf files with ideas for your special day. Links to these files are also being sent to you via our helpful emails.

33 Easy Ways to make YOUR Wedding Totally YOU

Have The Wedding of Your Dreams! Families seem to forget that this is your special day, not theirs. Listed are some ideas that might help you in your planning process.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Your Wedding

Mistakes can always be corrected but it is best to keep your eyes open before final commitments are made.

Make Your Wedding Totally YOU

Our Favorite, Unique, (and Cheap!) Ideas to make your wedding totally You and an Unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

How to Guarantee the FUN at Your Wedding

There are so many ideas and so little time. That is the way it feels at times. These ideas may be of help and if you have any more questions, send us an email.

7 Insider Secrets for a Flawless Wedding

After all the plans have been made, all you wish for is that your wedding day be flawless and relaxing.

How to Trust Your Vendor Choices,

There are tons of vendors, so how do you properly choose? By establishing this Trust, you can set aside your worries on your special day.

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We only photograph one wedding per day and if we are booked, you'll have to continue searching for a photographer.

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